⚡️ Turbocharge Your Job Search with a Personalized Docx and PDF Cover Letter, Created by AI.

Writing a cover letter for a job application can take hours… Wouldn’t it be nice to have that first draft done for you? Have a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) generate and email your next cover letter in just minutes.

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Dread writing cover letters for job applications?

It can seem like an impossible task to make each letter sound professional, thoughtful, and tailored to the job.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. You spend hours agonizing over each word and sentence, desperately trying to make each cover letter sound unique and interesting. Applying for jobs is an incredibly time-consuming process! You want to cast a wide net to have the best chance of landing a job, but not at the expense of quality.

Before AI, a typical day looking for work meant starting early, then spending hours and hours crafting the perfect cover letter for each and every application. The whole day you’re at your desk, staring incessantly at the screen, copy-pasting the same information into multiple documents and then modifying each one to address the specific job requirements. All that time and effort put in, and they didn’t even bother getting back to you… It’s enough to sap the enthusiasm right out of your bones!

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You’re probably hesitant to use AI to write something as important as your cover letter. Can a computer really understand what you want to say and put it into appropriate words? But you’ll be surprised how well AI can analyze your resume and generate an individualize cover letter tailored to the role. It’s like having a personal assistant helping you with the job application process.

When you make the switch to using AI to draft your cover letters, it’ll completely change the way you approach the job application process. You’ll feel more confident in your applications knowing that each one is specifically tailored for the position. What was once a tedious and frustrating task can now be measured in minutes, and not hours. Which means that you can spend more of your time research the companies you apply to, and then preparing for interviews.

Using AI to draft the cover letters means you can confidently apply for jobs quicker and more efficiently. Instead of stressing about the job application process, you can now focus on finding the perfect role for you. After all, you shouldn’t take just any job. If you are doing something 8-10 hours, five days a week, you want the right fit for you!

Here’s what to expect when you use our AI-Powered Docx and PDF Cover Letter Generator:

✅ Professional, personalized, and unique to you and the job
✅ Complete job applications in a fraction of the time
✅ Eliminate writing stress / writer’s block
✅ Free from typos and grammatical errors
✅ No two letters are the same
✅ Emailed to you in .docx and .pdf format
✅ One free cover letter daily
✅ Pay as you go pricing / no subscriptions

Get your free cover letter daily

You’ll Save Hours Using Our AI-Powered Docx and PDF Cover Letter Generator!

Here’s how it works…

ℹ️ 1. Provide your info

Copy/paste the job listing and your resume, then answer a couple of questions. It’ll take 5 minutes, tops!

💳 2. Pay as you go

Your first cover letter every single day is absolutely free. After you claim your freebie, it’s only $0.99 (USD) per use.

📨 3. Check your inbox

In a few minutes you’ll be emailed two variations of your personalized ai-generated cover letter, in .pdf and .docx format.

📝 4. Review and Edit

The AI doesn’t always get it right first go, so we send you two variations of the same cover letter. Pick the one you like best (or mix and match). Next, review for accuracy; ensure the AI didn’t write anything untrue about your skills or experience (it can be overzealous). Finally, add your personal touches to make it your own. ✨

Pay as you go, no subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these free cover letters? Or do I have to pay?

The tool is both free and paid. Once a day you can use the Docx and PDF Cover Letter Generator tool absolutely free. Any subsequent submissions within a 16-hour period will cost $0.99 (USD) each use. This is a pay-as-you-go service, there is no registration required, and no subscriptions. It’s simple, straightforward, easy, and convenient.

What exactly will I receive when I use the cover letter generator?

Within a few minutes you’ll receive an email with two draft cover letters generated by AI, in both .docx and .pdf format. The tool is designed to be quick and easy to use, but that can come at the expense of accuracy. To hedge against potential quality issues, we send you two variants. Pick and choose the best parts of both letters!

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

If you’ve received a bad cover letter, reach out and let us know. We’ll review your details and send you a fresh letter. If you paid and still aren’t satisfied with the end result, we’re happy to provide a full refund.

Can I submit the cover letter with my job application as-is, without any changes?

It’s your choice. If you feel the AI absolutely nailed the cover letter and matched your writing style and tone then go for it. Most of the time, though, you’ll need to do light editing to add your idiosyncratic and personal touches to the letter.

What languages are supported?

American English and British English are currently the only supported languages. If there’s an interest for it, we’ll consider adding additional languages in the future (get in touch and let us know).

How do you generate the .docx and .pdf files?

These files are created directly on our server, and your name, email, and phone number (if given) aren’t sent or processed by any third party provider. We use our sister product Gravity PDF to handle the PDFs, and PHPWord for the Word Docx files.

How is the information I submit used?

The name of the business/company, position, and job requirements, alongside your own experience, skills, education, and reason for applying, are sent to OpenAI’s GPT-3–powered text completion API. Your name, email, and optional phone number are not sent to OpenAI, and these details are merged into the draft letter once the AI has done its thing. The email you provide is used to deliver the finalized documents. The country you provide is used to determine the paper size, the style of English, and whether tax should apply to a payment (Australia only). Refer to our privacy policy for full details.

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